About Us

PokerChipsWholesale.com is owned and operated by Brybelly Holdings, Inc (Brybelly). Brybelly owns and operates many different websites within the gaming industry. PokerChipsWholesale.com was founded in June of 2009, however, Brybelly has been selling within the Gaming industry since 2004. Our customer base includes a Fortune 500 company, international online poker websites, dozens of casinos, hundreds of wholesale poker resellers and thousands of individuals buying for their own personal needs.

Brybelly was founded by 2 CPA’s that loved the game of poker. Realizing that crunching numbers was not their life calling, they decided that crunching opposing players would be. However, the poker god’s did not agree and the two had to quickly find a different way to make a living besides “playing” the game of poker. They decided that if you can’t beat ‘em, then Supply ‘em.